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Although we make every effort to accurately represent the services and/or products presented on this website, we make no assurance, representation or promise regarding future earnings or income, or that you will make any specific amount of money, or any money at all, or that you will not lose money. Earnings or income statements, or examples of earnings or income, represent estimates of what you may earn; however, there is no promise or guarantee that you may experience the same level of earnings or income. There is no assurance that any prior success or past results regarding earnings or income may be an indication of your future success or results. Statements or examples of actual earnings on this website that are attributed to a specified individual or business are true and correct, however, these statements or examples should not be viewed as promises or guarantees of earnings or income. Earnings and income potential are affected by a number of factors over which we have no control, including but not limited to your financial condition, talent, skills, level of effort, motivation, past experience and education, your competition, and changes within the market. Operating a business on the Internet involves unknown risks. You should make decisions based on information provided through services and/or products presented on this website with the understanding that an Internet business may not be suitable for you, and that you could experience significant losses or fail to generate any earnings or income at all. You should undertake your own due diligence regarding your evaluation of any services and/or products presented on this website, and this includes relying on qualified professional advisors to assist you with your evaluation. For the foregoing reasons, you agree that we are not responsible for any decision you may make regarding any information presented on this website or any of the services and/or products presented on this website.
At the time of your membership purchase, with valid records of your IP address and time/date stamp, YOU CONFIRMED that you agree to the these terms and conditions.  Income Profit Machine also known as IPM, has a strict REFUND Policy. There are NO REFUNDS issued on the $9.99 Action Takers Bonus or the $199 Royal Memberships. Should you not be satisfied by the IPM system and services provided and you want to cancel your Income Profit Machine (IPM) membership, for the auto payment to be terminated and your account canceled, ALL requests MUST be received in writing via email. Please send an email requesting cancellation to: digitalprosystems@gmail.com. The Income Profit Machine Member Support Services will notify you via email once your request has been processed. If you proceed with an IPM membership purchase, YOU are unequivocally confirming that you agree to all Refund Policies and will NOT instigate a credit/debit card charge back or dispute any payment. You understand and acknowledge that your bank will be presented with this confirmation and your agreement of such. Please do NOT proceed with your IPM Membership purchase if you do not accept this Refund Policy and its Terms. Any member, customer, or affiliate that instigates a false credit/debit card charge back, or disputes any payment, will be in breach of the conditions above. You are required to agreed to these terms and conditions before applying and paying for the IMP membership. Therefore, by executing payment to IPM you are providing agreeance of said policy. Income Profit Machine also referred to as IPM will actively pursue through all legal means possible to recover any and all charges related to a charge back or payment dispute falsely filed. Please ONLY apply for membership and make your payment via credit/debit card if you understand the consequences of breaking these conditions.
Existing IPM members that renew and proceed with their Membership Renewal payment, you are confirming that you agree to all Refund Policies and will not instigate a false credit/debit card charge back. You understand and acknowledge that your bank will be presented with this confirmation.
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